About Us

About Us

Edbuild Mart came into being through the efforts of the Edesign Builders group and has since gained 11 years of experience and distinction in the building sector

Welcome to Edbuild Mart, a company that was born out of the desire to make a difference in the construction industry of Kerala. We know that building a home is a dream come true for everyone, and we understand the frustration that comes with the lack of professionalism and accountability in the industry. We realized that there was a need for a building company that went above and beyond, not only to meet the needs of homeowners but to exceed their expectations.

To Design | To Plan | To Procure | To Source | To Optimize Cost | To Fulfill Dreams

With a commitment to using our knowledge, passion, and experience to transform the industry, we established Edbuild Mart. Our company’s primary focus is to provide reliable and trustworthy quality service, ensuring that our clients’ dream homes are built to their specifications, delivered on time, and at the most competitive prices.

Who we are…?

Edbuild Mart offers affordable building supplies and construction services that can help you build smarter while saving money. At Edbuild Mart, you can find affordable construction solutions for everything from foundations to finishing touches. Build the House of Your Dreams Without Breaking the Bank! Get Today’s Affordable Construction Supplies and Services at Edbuild Mart. We deliver the work on schedule and under budget.

Our mission

Our biggest mission at Edbuild Mart’s Construction Solutions is to create life-changing dream homes for as many people as possible. We believe that everyone deserves to live in a home they love, and we are dedicated to making that a reality. With our attention to detail, commitment to quality, and exceptional customer service, we are confident that we can make your dream home a reality. Thank you for choosing Edbuild Mart, where we go above and beyond to make your dream home a reality.

Our Approach

LISTEN : Understand the client’s needs and gather all relevant facts, views, and research.

EXPLORE : Cast a wide creative net to gather the whole spectrum of variables and influences that may contribute to the project.

INVOLVE : Include the client team in a lively and open-minded brainstorming session that challenges stereotypes.

DISTIL : Refine all ideas to date and extract the essence for the best solution.

EXPRESS : Through design, clearly explain the project’s vision.

EXECUTE : Execute and complete the project on schedule and within budget.

Our Team

We provide clients with the best services, ranging from master planning through final installation and beyond into an ongoing project. Our team members contribute their expertise, dedication, and a wide range of viewpoints to the workplace each day, enhancing our communities and business.

Our Evaluation Procedure:
Regular meetings between the team leaders and members are used to discuss areas for improvement.